Wild Creations

~ Journey into nature ~

Art Safaris

with Art Of Africa

Art of Africa enriches your African journey by offering a creative and poignant way to observe and express your personal experience of your holiday. Local artists conduct workshops and excursions that guide you into achieving your truest artistic potential. Catching moments and memories through oils, pastels or sketches & take a piece of Africa home with you – in your own shade of expression.

~Unique Artistic Experiences ~

Read More: www.artofafrica.co.zw

Yoga Safaris

with Ukuthula Retreats

Ukuthula – meaning: ‘peaceful silence’

“Nature can bring you to stillness, 

that is it’s gift to you” ~ Eckhart Tolle

Ukuthula retreats are uniquely tailored to combine yoga with the safari experience. There is no better place to find peace and tranquillity than in the African wilderness where life moves slowly and each moment begs for you to be present and experience it with all of your senses. 

The combination of ancient yoga practices and time spent in pristine surroundings, provide the ideal space for you to reconnect to Source and to self.


The retreat experience is curated so that there is delight in every detail from the exquisite wilderness or winelands settings to the daily yoga and meditation, delectable chef-prepared vegan and vegetarian meals, game-viewing drives through big 5 country or contemplative nature walks, not to mention time for you to simply slow down, breathe and be still. Whether groups or individuals, we tailor the experience to suit your specific needs. 


At Ukuthula Retreats, we believe that doing good is better than doing well and that is why all our retreat destinations are carefully chosen for their ethical and sustainable approach to conservation and their work with local communities. 

Photo Safaris

with Karen Lowe Photography

Let us teach you about photography.

There’s a unique feeling of happiness that arises when learning a new skill, particularly one that’s dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the world. 

Immersed in the African wilderness, your model is Mother Nature – and you are the artist. While relaxing in an idyllic setting, you have the opportunity to take your time in capturing the perfect moment, allowing the spontaneity of a holiday to guide you. 

From crimson sunsets to the splash of elephants at the watering hole, you’ll learn how to use your camera in a natural and easy way, snapping shots that tell a thousand tales.