Rewriting the Travel Narrative through Creativity

by Kim Sparrow

Photo: Karen Lowe Photography

As we navigate into a new realm of travel and experiences, answering the call to nature and connection to our roots, we are all rewriting our narratives. These seem to organically lead us towards healthier choices in experiences, that which paint our soul and fulfill our need for the outdoors.

Africa is a colourful continent, pieced together by thousands of years of stories and cultures; quilted histories across time. It’s essence is held within the archeology of these tales – in the tradition and ritual of its people, and the wild unpredictable natural spaces. Africa is raw. It is to this rawness we connect, our appetite for our roots and origins. It is here we find our creativity – with Africa as our muse.

Based on the foundations of ethical and eco-tourism, we can immerse and integrate with respect through creativity, while discovering and unveiling the many shades of Africa. Art of Africa provides a platform of awakening one’s inner artist as well as an invitation to the untold. Using brush and canvas to capture these excavated tales and characters, we hold and store these stories, from the sepia hues of the landscapes to the rich and colourful cultures and tribes.

By being inspired by what is before us, and exploring the corridors of our own creativity, we produce art that is an amalgamation of the past and the present. Embellishing the old with personal perspective allows us to leave our own chapter in the tale of Africa, scribed with introspection and understanding.

Photos: Mixed Credit - Karen Lowe Photography & Kim Sparrow

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