Living the New Normal, by Learning from the Past

~ words by Kim Sparrow and photos by Karen Lowe

Our hunger for nature seems to be entwined in the very roots of our existence, beckoning from time before. When we adhere to this call, we find ourselves drawn back to the wild, back to the landscapes of our origins.

The ‘new normal’ seems to be found in the essence of the old. Before life as we know it, nature was a canvas for survival – each element vital in life’s masterpiece. As the quintessential requirements for existence, these resources commanded respect and consequently exhibited beauty. This innate relationship with nature has been neglected, and we as humans have been left wanting.

We have been navigating our way through unknown terrains and experiences, forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities and remember our roots, remembering how to listen and trust in our reciprocal relationship with the natural world. It is to nature we turn to seek for answers, to an environment we innately know.

“We are intimately linked to wild places, wild animals, to landscapes of the earth.

It is part of our identity,” Ian McCallum

The world has been forced to pause. We find ourselves alone with our thoughts, redefining our sense of existence. In the echoes of our minds, there is the impalpable call of nature, reviving our desire to return to wild spaces. To slow down. To observe, connect and relinquish ourselves.

The pace from whence we came was slower. In this slowness, we found a connection. This is a place our souls resonate with the beauty of being in balance with ourselves, within nature. We seek time with our tribes; crafting exclusive experiences which can be shared over lifetimes. Wholesome and holistic activities form bonds and accumulate memories, collected stories to be told for years to come. Intimate encounters in wild spaces are sought to remind us of the mysterious wonderment that is life.

Returning to the collected wisdom of a time before our disconnect, the way in which we seek experiences is already engrained in our consciousness, and the ‘new’ is simply a matter of reawakening the old.

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