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Our Story

The African plains beckon a free-spirited Zimbabwean girl to capture their essence. Through the lens, she documents their bounty: the crinkled eye of an elephant, the camaraderie of game rangers, the red of the sky at sunset.


Her love for the wild propels her to share her experience with the world; her photography painting the picture of many travel destinations across Africa. And through this passion, she finds her way to the wilderness of the Cape. Here, she starts a new love affair: WILD TRAVEL MEDIA.

Combining photography with an eye for design and a knack of story-telling, Wild Travel Media has evolved into a hub of creatives and tech whizzes – all working together to ensure every brand’s story is heard.

Under ONE account manager, you receive the best of everything: design, content creation, photography, videography, copywriting, editing and

IT solutions.

We see you. We hear you. Now, let’s tell YOUR STORY.

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